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Master Bubba is an extremely strong strain that is a hybrid of Indica and Sativa varieties. It has a THC level ranging from 6.48% to 8.51%.

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Master Kush

Often referred to as the ultimately balanced bud, Master Kush is an indica with a difference! If you are hoping to get the average sedative benefits, then the Kush may be for you, but expect some unusual effects that will see your creativity soaring and your senses sharpening.

Bred by the geniuses over at Dutch White Label Seed Company, Master Kush, once named High Rise after the building in which it was created, is a delicious cross between two popular landrace strains of the Hindu Kush region. While its exact origins are unconfirmed, many people believe it to be a descendant of Hindu Kush and Skunk #1!

Having won multiple awards over the years, bagging the Cannabis Cup in 1992 and then again the following year, we can understand why the world continues to go mad for this fabulous bud. Amongst the big names that have helped grow the plant’s popularity is Snoop Dog, who has brought out his line of bud, using Master Kush as the core ingredient!

Fantastic for medicinal use thanks to its generous THC levels that are usually between 20-24%, patients and recreational users alike reach for Master Kush for its sensational physical relaxation and inspiring mental high.

Master Kush Flavor, Appearance, Aroma

Master Kush is truly stunning, with deep green leaves that grow compact, and short stems with intertwining orange pistils and frosted with sticky white trichrome, it is a sight to behold for any marijuana lover. The buds are a lighter green and super dense, emitting a pungent must scent.

Often described to have a ‘vintage’ flavor, Master Kush is earthy in its scent but has pleasant undertones of floral notes similar to incense. The aroma is strong and once buds are broken up can take on a citrus smell.

The taste of Master Kush is a delight to behold, close your eyes and let your senses go wild for the deep earthy aroma and pine-like flavor that lingers with undertones of lemon and subtle oak. Not too overbearing, an excellent option for those who prefer a less harsh bud.

Medicinal Benefits

One of the things we love most about this Kush is its ability to inspire creativity, and so it lends itself perfectly for in-depth, thoughtful chats and artsy hobbies. It is thanks to this mental stimulation that Master Kush is such a popular choice for those who struggle with anxiety and stress.

Users report that Master Kush offers strong, but not overwhelming indica effects, usually presenting in a blissful fog of relaxation and a substantial physical effect that is perfect for getting a great night sleep. Those struggling to get to sleep due to an underlying condition or insomnia will find this Kush is a sweet relief.

Expect great munchies from this bud; it will instill a hunger in you that can last for hours, so make sure you are stocked up before you take any, or it may lead to a panic call to the local pizza place! Sufferers of eating disorders have reported that this bud has some benefits in restoring lost appetite.

Thanks to the strong body numbing high, those struggling with chronic pain can benefit massively from this long-lasting relief that works well with a headache, migraine, back pain, sciatica, muscle cramps,

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