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Mango Kush is a Good strain. Had it yrs ago. Smells like mangos but tastes sweet citrus like it should. High was very sativa appealed being Indica dominant.

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Mango Kush for sale

Mango kush is an Indica-dominant strain. Its strong flavors and aromas are reminiscent of the tropical fruit for which it is named, but it also carries a hint of banana.

Mangos and cannabis go together. The organic product is known to upgrade the high for some individuals, and some cannabis strains are reared to inspire the organic product. The flavor of Mango strain, as anyone might expect, is like mangos and Kush, with notes of pine. It scents of the jungles, sweet mangos, and bananas.

THC can make up as much as 16% of this strain, while CBD is a lot of lower, about 0.3%. That settles on this a helpless decision for treating conditions that react to CBD, for example, serious seizure issues. Mango Kush is an indica-predominant cross breed (35:65 sativa/indica proportion) that can be utilized to treat queasiness and spewing, torment, sleep deprivation, absence of hunger, and melancholy.

The high is focused on the body, with profound unwinding, solid rapture, and an overall quieted feeling. Numerous patients wind up talking and laughing more than expected while high on this strain. Dry mouth is a typical worry, as are ragged looking eyes, yet most other antagonistic impacts are restricted. While it’s generally well known on the West Coast, Mango Kush can likewise be found on the lawful clinical business sectors in Arizona and Michigan.

This mango strain is also one of my favorite love the tropical fruity taste of this cannabis strain. Particularly with regards to cooking. At the point when utilized in edibles, this strain takes my agony straight out of the recreation center! I do so appreciate the impacts of my kush covered bacon cuts. The impacts are smooth and dependable. I’m left inclination giggly and loose as I slip cheerfully into lounge chair lock mode. Coat each side of bacon cuts in decarboxylated ground Mango Kush and fry incredibly gradually. The bacon is sweet n’ pungent. The thc imbued bacon fat can be saved and utilized in different dishes. At the point when I smoke Mgk the impacts please rapidly and are really solid. I would suggest beginning with a little the first occasion when you attempt Mango Kush. So 5 stars for cooking and 4 stars for smoking.

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20 reviews for Mango Kush

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