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How to grow lemon og strain

Lemon OgWe are goint to learn How to grow lemon og strain: Lemon Kush’s balanced high and satisfying citrus fragrance loan to honed inventiveness and an upgraded state of mind. Outsider Genetics is liable for making this magnum opus strain, by intersection Lemon G with exemplary Afghan Kush. While Alien’s strain is not, at this point accessible in seed or clone structure, another Lemon Kush — a hybrid of Master Kush and Lemon Joy with comparative impacts and fragrance — is.


Lemon Og

Develop procedures: To grow lemon og strain outside in quality, complex soil draws out the solid lemon fragrance. This implies taking care of your dirt with micronutrients, manure tea, and other macronutrient sources to keep the plant cheerful and solid while blossoming.

Blooming time: 8-9 weeks

Yield: Moderate to high

Develop trouble: Moderate

Atmosphere: Keep between 70-80 degrees Fahrenheit. While you grow lemon og strain know that Lemon Kush likes a marginally hotter temperature and can deal with greater moistness (40-half RH while blooming).

Indoor/open air: Outdoors, this strain can take off in the correct atmosphere.

lemon Og

Taking care of: With sound soil, this plant won’t require a lot of food to arrive at its maximum capacity. With supplement lacking soil, feed with fluids when fundamental.

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